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August 18, 2008
Loved kickin starts

Loved kickin' starts

It is widely held that Ivan Turgenev was a staunch advocate of onion rings, or, as he called, them, “onion ringlets”. His grave was briefly covered with daisies, as he felt them the closest approximation in a godless world to that favored theoepicurean- nay, good- delicacy- nay, app- of his less sane, but more bitchin, years. Well, Turgenev’s giant brain would hardly be able to comprehend just what the fuck is going on with Red Robin’s towering onion rings (as found on the Shareable Starts portion of the menu). A guy I work with calls them “unzies”, and the dipping sauces… I forget. But they’re great. I mean, you gotta try them.

Onion ringlets by Red Robin

Onion ringlets by Red Robin